1. Hey tumblr, listen to my coolguy radio show tonight at 7~ wolfpackradio.org


  2. I guess my blog turned 4 today. Insert shrugging guy emoticon.

  3. "Scorpion… You made that up."
    “Yeahhhh it’s not my real name.”
    “But it is a good one.”
    “Well thank you sir. May I shake your hand?”
    “Of course.”
    “I really appreciate your work.”
    “I really appreciate you saying that.”

  4. bowielegged:

    this is legitimately the funniest thing i have ever seen

    i laughed so hard my nose started bleeding

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  5. Also, new toy day!

  6. Good mail day

  7. fivexten:


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  9. mekagojira3k:


    I believe this is an Akira Toriyama illustration featuring Godzilla and Gamera. Plus an Ultra science team uniform.

    Dr. Slump characters! :D

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  10. animenostalgia:

    Happy PatLabor Day to my American followers!

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